"Once, when I was four years old, I went out to play in the cold Dutch snow. I didn't get cold as a fire inside kept me going and I continued to make snowmen for hours. The next day I went out to play again, but this time I got cold within minutes. I realized that my state of mind was infinitely more important than external factors. Years later, for the 1999 Auto Retrato Nobo exhibition in Aruba, I created a wooden cabinet adorned with mirrors. They are turned inward to reflect each other, except one that faces the viewer. On the back it says: The cold outside and the warmth inside made me contemplate."

"The series In Memoriam, dedicated to my father who died in 2001, includes a swing within a cage of sticks, symbolizing the inner power and freedom my father passed on to me. My father’s death is showing me the limitations of existence. But letting go of our attachment to life also creates a lot of personal freedom. In the past, my dad taught me what a swing was, now he’s teaching me how to deal with death."

"Sticks, mirrors, wood and thorns. Everything can be used to amplify my thoughts and express them. Thorn art originated from an urge, a wish, a need for a material to express a philosophy. A view about the way the world is working. Since they consist of thorns, no further explanation is necessary."
Art Prize 2012 - El Indjan - Herman van Bergen
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